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Why do we have bad life experiences?


So why do we have bad life experiences? Well, there is a reason for everything. Here on this earth in this physical world, what appears to be "negative" is really in existence in order to experience the "positive". We cannot have one and not the other, otherwise neither would exist and we wouldn't exist. The whole point of earth is to have a perspective of something that we can base understanding and choices off of so that we can then learn and evolve of knowledge and wisdom. One thing that will always be left behind as we evolve is the results of our knowledge and wisdom we gain as we build earth and humanity. Without the "bad" and without the obstacles and challenges, there would be nothing to solve. And we do not learn from facing life problems, we only learn once we find solution. So without a problem, there is no solution and no learning and growing. So what appears to be "bad" is really good as it allows the opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve!


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