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A Step Into True Perspective

Dear reader, I want to share a moment of insight on the depth of all that exists to be true in this current world we live. To start this message, I’d like to acknowledge that all that I may share is a peace of mind that has come to my realization through my experiences and observations. My real journey in life began when I started to question the world and think about it in depths in the search for the truth. It all began from wondering what I may do with my life in the future after high school. I got obsessed with the question “why”. Why am I in school, why does it exist, what started this world, why do we exist, why do I exist, why does everything exist, and where is it going…. One thought led to the next and through the process I started making sense of life little by little. I started changing mentally, spiritually, and it affected me physically in the way I felt and influenced the reason I did things. I started taking notes on my phone of everything I was thinking. By the time high school ended I had over 2000 notes on my phone and a business plan for this technology I wanted to build. And so I did, I worked on my business, and alongside I had the inspiration to turn my notes into a book I called “All Is One” “The Power Of The Universe” where the philosophy I came to was that we are all one coming from the same source and striving for the same love, peace, and balance as anyone else desires. I then became certified in life coaching, cognitive behavior therapy, and metaphysics, in which I still continue my studies. I began this journey in 2015. Most of all I became a student of life, a true observer; I learned not to judge and not to ever conclude a truth because every time I thought I found the truth, I experienced and learned things more that showed a whole other perspective and world of pieces that showed the extensions to that truth. And that is when I realized that the truth is a concept in which to always continue seeking more of. There is no conclusion besides the fate to continue searching more and continue growing. We only know so much that we know, but we don’t know what we don’t know. It is easy to maintain what we do and live in a place of ease with what we have, but it is not so easy to seek and process all that we don’t know. It is a journey to seek the unknown, which is hard because you don’t really know what you’re looking for. It takes will, it takes faith, it takes thought, and it takes love. It takes will power in order to keep moving forward and take the time to process what we see, faith to know there is more ahead, and thought to think logically in what makes sense and does not divinely make sense, and love because with unconditional love, there is no expectation and therefore no disappointment in your findings. This is what it truly means to be a student of life. The world today is something that can easily be described as a mess, or in a way perfect, meant to be, evil, good…etc. It doesn’t matter... At the end, we are still the same where as all we have left to gain is ahead of us, no matter where we are in life. Of course in this physical world and this life time we specifically have much going on amongst the people of this world. There is the Corona Virus going around, wars, fights against the government, and the governments side where they are trying to mandate vaccines, and that leads to another entire other set of problems that people see who aren’t vaccinated. So what is right, what is true? Remember that at the end, we the people built this world, we the people strive for the same peace and love, we the people have flaws, we the people think others are imperfect, we the people mostly see the best in ourselves…etc. There is more than one side to everything, meaning more than one perspective. Finding the truth in this world is not simple. Many times the real truth is far beyond what anyone can see in front of us. All we can do is seek the perspective on all sides we can think to exist. In this current scenario there is the government perspective and the vaccinated, and the unvaccinated, and the different perspectives that each side may have on different’ subjects. Let’s start with the government perspective since its related to how society and all this began in the first place. When we were at the beginning times, we came together on this land and shared the resources and lived as a community. We reproduced as nature took place, we populated, we evolved, things changed and innovated, and it got so big we the people started coming up with a system and set of structure to keep people in place so free will doesn’t kill us. Sure there is the perspective on which sees the choice to structure a government, to be a decision out of fear and not love, and so we can say it was wrong in the first place…but think about this…if we did not create government, that same fear still existed within consciousness at the time, that same fear would still be within people being the source of their decisions, leading to greed, stealing, killing…etc. everything the government was built to avoid. The only way to grow is to experience and grow from. Whether it started from fear, we will end in love. What we experience we must until we become aware of more, learn, and apply lesson to the greater future we have faith to see. And so we conclude that the government began with positive intentions to keep we the people in a place of peace and health, so we can flourish as a growing community. As things evolve and we populate, the government gets bigger, and when things get bigger, it becomes harder to control. There’s 2 sides to everything, so both sides (what may be evil, and what may be good) also become larger. That is what we are seeing today. Sure there may be corruption within the government, but we are the government, there may also be corruption within the people; those that chose to follow the laws, and those that chose to separate from them. Either way there is lesson in every experience, sometimes the lessons are bigger than what we can see in front of us. This lesson happens to be a conscious change in evolution. It is consciousness as a whole that is taking the next big step after all the small steps it took throughout history. Bottom line here, is to understand the government take, it’s original intentions, it’s potential corruptions, and why.

Think about life long ago when it was just us few people living on earth and just beginning to discover the elements of living on earth. We come together on a piece of land to share the resources and live in community. Eventually we discover gold and use it to trade for goods. Eventually we invent certain things that can be traded/sold, and new markets become invented; such as shelter (which became real estate)…etc. The world/communities got so big and populated, authority (the people) decided there needs to be some kind of structure and system to regulate the people and their behaviors so everyone feels safe and secured living within the community. We the people develop compassions, motivation, love…etc. all divine qualities as we use these qualities to navigate life as we learn from trial and error and making mistakes. This system that started to arise is what turned into the concept we call the government. The original intentions for developing this system (the government), was good and pure to keep the people safe and structured so there is no chaos. Everything was based off voting to make it fair, voting for authority, voting for roles…etc. as schools and other systems started a rising as well as it made sense to do so in the time. These are proven systems that work to keep things in order. Now we must acknowledge as the population grew and new things become discovered, the rules change, the government gets bigger as there is more to regulate. And just like in anything that gets big, it becomes easy to get out of hand, it becomes corrupt in different areas. To say that todays government is corrupt is to look at a beautiful painting of the ocean, and say that the painting of the clouds is not drawn correctly and there for the entire picture is incorrect and ugly. We may have faults in our system because of how fast we grew, how fast we evolved, how much FASTER society has grown more than the government can keep up to regulate it. It is starting to get out of hand and there for resulting in quick decisions with intentions of saving itself from collapsing. These decisions are things like the vaccine and trying to mandate it for example. There are so many people that are in full belief of covid-19 and It’s harm because it has killed many they know or it has even affected their personal health, resulting in them wanting whatever it takes to go away. And there are others who may have not experienced it as bad and have certain perceptions of life resulting in their belief that covid-19 is that as bad as they make it seem, and that the vaccine may a harm…etc. But what is not being acknowledged is the fact that when there is so many people that experience the harm and so many that don’t, it is separating how each side feels and looks at things. Many people want to shut business down, while many want to keep it opened. In the government’s eyes, they see potential problems and a functioning economy and people fighting on their own if a side is not taken. The government just like any well-functioning system will use scientific evidence and logic to back up its reasoning for doing something. In the governments mind they must do something to save the economy and all they know is that a vaccine that has the intentions to prevent the spread of covid-19 and making it disappear is far more affective In regards to trying to save the economy than having nothing at all. If we continue to let covid-19 spread because by scientific fact, that is what a virus does, then we will continue experiencing more death, more shut down business, more travel…etc. because living in today’s world will involve having a contagious virus spreading around everywhere endangering most of society more than it would without the virus being existent. And so my bottom line point is that when you decide what to believe, it is important to take all perspective and understanding into account. Seek the perspective you don’t already have. And I explain more about the shift in perspective down below.

One thing you must realize, is that what you see to be the truth, is only a perspective of the truth, nothing more nothing less. You see something, a piece to a trillion pieces and evolving puzzle. To believe your piece is the truth, is to be as brainwashed as anyone else believing what they see to be the only truth. The truth is not concrete. The truth is this concept you take to keep in mind in your own journey. The truth is the puzzle, and the bottom-line life truth in which to take action with, is to love unconditionally without expectation as it will always rise over your fear and you will never set for disappointment. Seek all that you don’t know, seek new perspective. In this journey, I can assure you will soon see the truth, as it won’t be what you may think.

To really believe everything you see is the total truth, is as delusional as having your face very up close to a wall or anything else, and seeing only the dark and believing that is the truth because that is all you see, when what you don’t see is the object as a whole until you take a step back away from it to see the whole thing, to see the light. We can only make sense of what is right in front of us using the only knowledge we already have that exists within us, until we know more. The more we know the more tools/experience/insight we have to make sense of more that comes our way in the world. This is what consciousness is. Here is an example to better understand consciousness. Think about how when humans were living on earth for the first time and it’s only the first 20 years of existence as a human on earth, we see a white looking rock in the sand all covered, we would anticipate it’s a rock because we know what a rock looks like, we had experienced a rock, we had seen so much of it. But when we start uncovering the rock by sweeping away the sand, we noticed the texture starts to change different from how the rocks we know of, usually are. We eventually take off all the sand, and discovered it’s not a rock. From more research we eventually realize it’s a bone because we seen other animal bones and the texture and style of the rock appears to be the same. Eventually as humanity evolves we learn more about bones and we realize it’s a dinosaur bone. So consciousness is simply a matter of how expanded our hard drive of data(knowledge/wisdom) is that we hold and access through our mind. We only know what we know until we know more, we don’t know what we don’t know; and we only truly understand that from experiencing new perspectives so many times that we know there’s probably more perspective to what we are trying to make sense of on what’s right in front of us at the moment. If a human being from today’s time hypothetically timed traveled back in time during the time of the cave men, and they discovered that same white rock in that moment, the person from today’s human time may right away know as they sweep away the sand, that it’s a bone because they have experienced the knowledge of what a bone is, so they can recognize it faster to anticipate what it may be. The human from this current time has conscious awareness that is more expanded and contains more data from its many life times of wisdom we have collected over life times. If the human from this time tried to explain that the white thing in the sand is a dinosaur bone before uncovering the sand and doing the research, the humans from that old time long ago would most likely deny it or think it’s a lie because they can’t make sense of what a dinosaur bone is because they have never experienced it. The key is to know that you don’t know anything you don’t know, so you must have faith in uncovering the unknown by trying to understand the unknown, which is why it may seem difficult to understand anything you are very new too. It takes will power to truly understand and uncover knowledge you have not experienced learning.

Here is the thing, as there are many souls on this planet all on different conscious levels, the one thing we have to keep in mind, is that a larger hard drive filled with more data does not mean it is more valuable. A consciousness who may only see 1 piece of a 10 piece puzzle for example, is just as valuable in terms of knowledge because that 1 piece makes up that puzzle, and without that piece it is not a full puzzle regardless of 9 pieces v.s 1. The goal is to have a complete puzzle. In other words it is all one, we are all one. To judge someone for their knowledge is pointless because what they can make sense of is still true and is a piece of the bigger picture, they may just have not seen the full picture yet because they have not been able to make sense of it until they continue uncovering the rest of the puzzle pieces, piece by piece.

Those who only see a specific side of a story only see it because they have turned (put attention) on the evidence that supports that story instead of the evidence that supports the other side of the story. Sometimes one side of evidence can be easier to understand than the other side. Those who have trouble understanding the more complicated side of the story will most likely turn to the simpler side of the story in which they then believe because it is easier for them to make sense of that side (that reality). Even if the one side that is more complicated, once understood may have more evidence that overall makes more sense than the other side that is simpler to understand. This is why it is very important to not conclude anything as strong and continue keeping an open mind to continue gathering information and seeking all supportive evidence in all perspectives and both sides.


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