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The All Is One Movement Mission

The All Is One Movement is a mission to bring people together physically and spiritually! This means to work together, share knowledge, and learn & grow together! We live on the same earth, breathe the same air, have the same human functions, and use the same energy; so let's make the best of this world together! This is a place where we don't compete, it's a place where we can unite & work together to create the best of this world! We are here to put things in one place and easily connect resources that align with the same mission. To inspire love, peace, and balance in everything we do together. To be in unity meaning to be self-aware, to seek growth and lesson in every experience, to be honest, and transparent with each other, to seek the truth, be the truth, and accept it, growing together as one! 

What Does All Is One Mean?

All is one means what it says. We are one evolving energy here together for the same reasons. We are here to reach and live our full potential and contribute our best ways to life so we can grow and evolve together in power. We come from the same source of energy, live off the same everything. And so I am you, and you are me. This is a community where we come together, work together, share ideas, knowledge & wisdom, create, and keep an open mind to all. To share love, peace, and balance.

The Meaning of The AIO Symbol 

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The All Is One Vision


As part of the mission to bring people together physically and spiritually, the vision is 

to grow a worldwide community where we can all contribute and create world solving problems together! To execute meaningful and innovative ideas and connect them within one place. To integrate love, peace, and balance into everything. To make all resources more accessible and cheaper through one source.

To be in unity!

Check out our upcoming projects that is in progress.


The 7 Guidelines

A guide to life's journey


One shall not let the decisions made by others, affect their own growth and existence. A human can only control their own decisions. One shall act only on what is best for them in alignment of growth within all included & concerned; One's thoughts, words, actions, and feelings shall not interfere with the growth of others potential outcomes. Acknowledge one's own decisions and hold responsibility for their own thoughts, words, actions, and feelings, and how they may affect themselves or others growth. To learn from the result of every own decision and apply the lessons toward the better future with all the 4 areas of oneself.


It is one's own responsibility to seek the truth and lesson within thyself and every situation, moment, and outcome. To learn from own life experience for own growth and to accept every moment as it is what it is.

Ones emotions shall not affect self decisions. Decisions shall be made between the alignment of logical thoughts and intuition. Tame thy mind of thoughts, words, actions, and feelings. Ones emotions are part of the human experience, and it's only up to oneself to learn to filter them, understand them, and grow from them.



It is one's own responsibility to think, speak, act, and feel within unconditional love for thyself and others, otherwise the experience of fear and hate will only affect thyself and others. Faith and love is what will keep peace within everything. We shall only compare to strive towards our better true self. Love, peace, and joy are the qualities that shall be implemented within all growth.


All decisions made shall be in aligned focus of the human purpose; being to live our full potential and to contribute it to life. (Do this by following these 7 guidelines) Find your strengths aligned with your passions and grow with it, be the best at it, master it and be of service to others with it. To always seek lesson, learn and grow, accept all as it is, love others and all without judgment and expectation, and service your strengths and passions to others of this world. 


The truth always exists whether we seek it, find it, or believe it, no matter what happens within this human experience. All is what it is, so thinking, speaking, acting, and feeling the truth will always set one free of all pain, and lead to experience full understanding, love, peace, and oneness. A lie will only affect oneself and own outcomes within life, leading thyself to lies undesired within. The truth will lead to the truth, desired within all experienced throughout life, but one must have faith that the future outcome will always have positivity within. All outcomes are positive when the lesson is found as growth is always positive. Seeking the truth will lead you to lesson.


Answer and speak with question, not conclusion or judgment; keep an open mind and make sense of what you currently know as conclusion until you learn more. We are here together, we are all one, we must guide each other through our experiences, not judge them. Help each other grow by helping each other through our experiences, not judge them. Help each other find their own answer that works best for them and the growth of all included and concerned. To love all unconditionally without judgement and expectation of all others and outcomes we experience. To seek growth for all. 

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Behind All Is One Movement

The All Is One Movement is the same mission that I Keith Mintz have set out to be a part of. I am a certified metaphysician & life coach on a path of becoming a divine light energy healer. Besides the titles, I began my journey of staying true to my higher self, since I was in high school. Where I pondered many questions about life initiated by the process of figuring out what I wanted to do after high school. I became obsessed with the question of why, and it led to many discoveries and solutions. Through the journey, I found a passion and skill in business and planning ideas that can truly make an impact for the best of the people and the world we live in. By the time high school ended, I had a business plan for a potential revolutionary app idea that I was excited to make come true. I also had 2000 notes on my phone of thoughts and lessons I come to as I become more aware of myself and the life around me. I felt guided to write a book out of the notes called "All Is One, The Power Of The Universe", coming to the conclusion that we are all one and we must live by its understanding. This means to become truly in-tuned with our true divine self and to become unified with everything around us. The year after high school following my own journey, I had learned more than I have ever learned in my entire life. I became very interested in people and why everything is the way it is and what its purpose is. I got certified in life coaching and studied metaphysics also getting certified in it as well; following a path being a divine light energy healer. And 4 years later I have made it trial and error through 8 start-up company attempts. Finally settling with a strong team on a project I feel destined to make a reality. An app called "Upin". I found my purpose and mission to bring people together by finding a way through an app to better connect people and our local communities. And to connect people spiritually by sharing as much knowledge and wisdom as possible as we learn and grow together and learn from each other as we experience through life. And All Is One Movement came as a mission to bring people together physically and spiritually. A place where we can come together to make the best of ourselves and the world as one. To practice self-awareness & come to the same understanding of each other's perspectives, building great relationships. A place to love all and to learn and grow together as divine beings.

Behind AIO
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