What does spirituality really mean?

What does spirituality really mean? 👀

When we hear the word spirituality we usually think of having faith in a higher power, religion, or overall being an achievement in this state people now a days call "awakened" or becoming "spiritual"; where they start to see more to this world than what is in front of them. Sure, these answers are not all wrong, but I would say they are more of a result and state of spirituality than spirituality itself.

The concept of spirituality and it's word originally came from religions using it to refer to the "holy spirit". The holy spirit was known as the lord and giver of life. So ultimately spirituality always led back to being a path toward the following of source/power that holds the energy of life together.

But what is the energy of life?

By saying the energy of life, meaning the one or all things existent that makes this world what it is. What makes us be able to do what we do. This being said, in other words, spirituality is "reality" or what things truly are by it's source. So to say one is following a spiritual path, would be that this person is in search for the truth, seeking growth, and connection with the source of life. This answer is sure to go in much more depth as to what it means to seek the truth, growth, and connection with the source of life. But in short, it means to see more than ourselves, the things around us, and the things we experience. To know that it is operating from a higher power that ultimately holds truth together. And to be in search for that truth. To learn and understand what is reality, and why things are what they are. To seek the truth means to look past the titles, labels, and concepts of things that are no more than a mask. To find divine understanding and purpose within all things and experiences and be in search for lesson that we apply towards a better growing future.

Everything comes from the same place, meaning all things are spiritual. But following a spiritual path as we know of it today, is just a matter of conscious awareness. To be in search for truth, to seek lesson, and to maintain operating from our higher self as we let go from what we think is ourself (being this persona we may give ourselves or others see us as). At the end of the day, we are all spiritual, it's just a matter of how aware we are to it's path striving for growth, love, and peace amongst all; as growth, love, and peace is what is the divine source of all that makes life worth living. It is what we strive to achieve here & that being said we know that the energy of growth, love, & peace is the divine source that exists within all whether we are aware of it or not. The spiritual path is the search in becoming and operating in awareness of these qualities.

Religion v.s Spirituality? 🙏

In short, they are both the same as mentioned all things are spiritual, it is just a matter of awareness. Religion is a path for some that helps keep faith together by holding tradition. It teaches many things that is a part of spirituality. But spirituality itself is the search for truth, growth and operating from unconditional love & peace.

Let's go more in depth about what is unconditional & divine love v.s what we think it is, in the next blog post. Please subscribe and stay connected with us! ❤️

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