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The Spiritual Purpose Behind The Coronavirus

We all know of the current epidemic happening in the world right now. The viral spreading virus called "Coronavirus". Many people have questioned why is this happening, why would God do such a thing. What is he trying to tell us. Many have come to great conclusions being to self-reflect and find true self, and many are right about that. But let's go in deeper.


What is the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus as most of us know is a global epidemic spread of a disease that they say has come from bats. This virus is very contagious and spreads like wild fire. It is also deadly as many death reports have been made. It has gotten to the point where countries and states has demanded lock down and quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading until it is fully cured.

Why is it happening?

This is happening obviously at a level of conscious decision made by a man to eat a bat in China. It was something unpredictable and not intended. But of course there's a lesson in every tragedy, moment, experience, and result. That is what makes the world growing. Many will say how is there purpose when so many people are dying and sick? Like said, there is a lesson in every tragedy. When someone dies unexpectedly, many times it's a lesson for the ones around them who have emotional attachment with that person. We learn and grow from the emotional experiences we have. The lessons and wisdom we gain is powering the evolution of the world as a whole. Some people appear to be sacrificed for the sake of growth. Just like a slingshot gets pulled back, it shoots forward much more. So overall, what is the lesson in this tragedy, why is it happening, and how are we growing from it? So far what this historical event has done, is kept people inside. We were told to social distance our-self. This has forced many people to be alone and learn to be alone. Leading to self-reflection, understanding ourselves more, and growing internally. To be self-aware is a power that leads to better decision making, to empathize with others more, and overall be more reliant on ourselves. This is pushing the spiritual growth of many people internally, which overall is bringing us in unity spiritually. When we each as individual beings become one with ourselves and set at peace with ourselves due to better self understanding, we then get more empathetic and understanding of others. We start to build better relationships with ourselves and others around us. We become more grateful for the ones in our lives. We start to truly unite internally and externally.

How do we embrace spiritual growth with this time?

Take this time to self-reflect, to ponder everything you have experienced in your life. Think about the last mistakes you may have made, or the things you desire to achieve and what you can improve on to get there faster. Spiritual lessons are really a matter of expanding consciousness within each divine quality (which will be explained in more detail in another blog). In short, divine qualities are such as love & compassion, divine strength, motivation & enthusiasm...etc. These are qualities in which a pure divine & enlightened human being should eventually become a master of. So our experiences we have, there may be lessons if we seek it. But it really comes down to practicing the divine qualities we need to be more conscious with in our decision making. To spiritually grow, being aware of the problem is just the first step. To seek the solution, process it, and find it, is just another step. But to apply our awareness of the solution and master it within our free will is where the true spiritual growth is. We now have a time for all us human beings as a whole to self-reflect, take the time to process our experiences, find solutions to our current life struggles, and plan to apply it to our lives.


If you found value in this message, please spread the awareness by sharing this with others!


Love, Peace, & Balance!!!



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