The world is shifting!!!

Since the beginning of man's time the human people have been so focused on the development as a community and personal interest. What we collect, what we build, what we gain personally, and protecting our families. So many things have changed in focus, in value, and in result overtime. So many things have happened from terrorist attacks to the increase in public shootings, wild disasters, global viruses, and movements that are shifting the entire worlds perspective. At the end of it all, it is absolutely amazing to watch the world grow and get to be a part of it.

Although the world seems to have become so disastrous, there is growth in everything that breaks apart. Just like a slingshot, the more it pulls back, the further it shoots forward, and a muscle builds stronger when it rips. Being seperated at the beginning of the Corona Virus has near ended in us coming together stronger than ever over the #blacklivesmatter movement. The world is shifting toward unity, something we have needed for a long time. Being seperated gave us more time to reflect with ourselves, build more empathy, and learn to love more with the world and people around us.

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