Is life black & white?

Is life black & white?

What does this question mean?... It means is life as simple as we see it or is there much more involved in every concept?

In a short, the answer is both black and white and complex.

The concept of something not being black & white is just a perspective of something being as simple as yes or no. But whether it is yes or no, both yes and no have more complex answers to break down. Just as simple as we believe what we see, what we see still has much deeper meaning. It's a matter of breaking that deeper meaning down to find a truthful answer. The concept of seeing something as not black & white is just a perception, as we know there is more to it. But when you break life down, it really is black & white. Life is indeed complex and at no way simple, but there is an answer.

So to come to conclusion, the answer is that life is very black & white by definition meaning that you can take any concept and find black and white answers within them and continue breaking it down to come to the truth. The truth is black and white.

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