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Understanding the Purpose of Humanity & How to Grow with it

A question that many have pondered "What is our purpose here on earth? Why do we exist?". The answer is a constant journey to fully grasp. It's no simple answer of course, but there is an explanation. There is a purpose with an answer. Let's begin with the basics.

We know what we see. We smell, hear, taste, touch, & feel. We see a world around us that we experience. We see nature, hear it's sounds, it's smell, we taste the food we make from it, and we feel all of the emotion that comes from every experience. But where does this all come from, & how did this all begin? Where did everything physical come from? We can see that all things physical changes, ages, forms, and is in constant motion. So where was it's beginning?

Watch this video here to get a perspective on the process & evolution of life from spiritual energy to a physical world.

After watching the video, we come to the conclusion that we all come down to time & energy being eternal as the source of everything. That we are all one evolving power. The answer to humanities purpose is deeper. In a simple answer it comes down to the fact that knowledge is power. We know as we can see that with knowledge we are able to create more. The more knowledge we have the more we innovate, build, and solve the problems we face. When we struggle and seek lesson, we learn and grow as we find solutions. When we grow, we experience new things and continue growth. But as it explains in the video, there is physical life and spiritual life (time and energy). What keeps it evolving in motion is the energy of divine wisdom that we develop as we experience true growth here on earth by solving problems and gaining knowledge. In conclusion, as a human being, we are meant to practice being our best self and living in our full potential. To practice self-awareness as we learn and grow from it & seek lesson & growth in every moment, experience, and result. And of course to serve others with our greatest strengths and passions that we experience throughout life, growing and evolving in one motion of eternal love, peace, and balance.

Read more about what the All Is One Movement is about here:


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