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100 Things To Be Grateful For

100 Things to Be Grateful For

Life has not been easy. People are dying every day and there's so much hate in the world right now. But still, flowers are blooming, babies are being born, bees are still floating around, and people are still falling in love.

It's very easy to get stuck up with all the sadness in the world so here's a list of hundred things you should be grateful for!!!

Comment what other things your grateful for! 😁🙏❤️

~ The movement of the clouds in the sky

~ The feeling of the sun on your skin

~ The good music you listen to in your headphones

~ People are getting healed all around the world

~ Beauty is everywhere

~ Your favorite books

~ The internet

~ Your friends and the way they make you laugh

~ Naps

~ Deep breathing

~ All your favorite moments

~ Smiling is free

~ Stand-up comedy

~ Your excellent dance moves

~ How good your room feels when you clean it

~ People who make memes

~ Travelling

~ The opportunities you have

~ The color pink

~ The beautiful sunsets everyday

~ Time~ Deep conversations

~ Resources available to you

~ Optimism

~ Falling in love has not been quarantined

~ How good it feels in a bath

~ Coffee and chocolates

~ Rainbows

~ Phone calls from people who love you

~ Hummingbirds

~ Ideas that lead to amazing inventions

~ When you take a really good selfie

~ Being happy for your friends

~ Forgiveness

~ Your favorite artist

~ Butterflies

~ Roses

~ The sound of rain

~ DJs

~ Sitcoms

~ Dreams

~ Knowing you're not alone

~ Essential workers working during the pandemic

~ Creativity

~ Press on nails (thank goodness!)

~ Blue skies

~ How good it feels to help people

~ Endorphin

~ Voices singing in harmony

~ Flirting

~ The smell of dinner

~ People who surprise you

~ Learning new things

~ Getting help when you need it

~ Your brain

~ Stores are fully stocked again

~ Netflix

~ Sleeping for as long as you want

~ Fresh bed sheets

~ Cherry blossoms

~ All of this sadness won't last forever

~ How good it would feel to leave your house again

~ All the cute outfits in your closet

~ All the amazing people you'll see again after the lockdown is over

~ All the hugs you'll give and receive

~ The places you'd be able to go to after quarantine

~ The freedom to visit all the beaches you want to visit

~ The memories you'll make!

~ And~ how~ well-rested~ you~ are~ right~ now :)

I love you!



Author’s Bio: Hello! My name is Qween Demi and I’m a blogger, speaker, and coach. I’m obsessed with showing people the best ways they can express themselves and this passion led me to found Qween Demi’s Blog. Life has so much more beauty and meaning and I have been making up for lost time ever since! I believe that people can totally revolutionize their lives, that they can feel good every single day, and that the only limit is their imagination.

FIND ME - Instagram (@qween_demis_blog), Twitter (@BlogQween), FB Page (@QweenDemisblog). Check out my blog:


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