What is God?

Another big question..."Who is God?" I'm sure every human being has or will ask themselves this question at some point.

So, what is God?

Well, when you ask most religions that believe in God, they respond with "He is the creator of life; the creator of all existence." But what does that really mean? When we use the word "creator" does that mean that this "God" decided to create life or not? Being a physical human being here on Earth allows us to make decisions because we make those decisions based off what we see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and sense. It seems like everything physical ages, which means everything physical has a beginning and an end.

If nothing physical existed, then wouldn't there be nothing to base decisions off of? So whatever we define as God, there was not really a decision that made life happen. As I talk about in my most recent blog post titled, "Why are we here?", I explain that if we take away all that physically exists, what would be left? Time and energy. Both have no beginning or end. Which also means that the past, present, and future all exist at the same time. Therefore, we are currently living in just one of many possible sequences of events for how life could be.

I defined the concept of time as the idea that life is moving forward on a scale. So, we are constantly evolving because we have to. There is no other direction to go than forward in the idea of "time". So it seems like we have to be here? That God is everything and all existence? That everything evolved and technically already existed.

Now, that does not mean everything in existence is at the same evolved energy. As I also talked about energy in my last blog post, I explained that "as humans we are complex, we are energy with many layers that allow us to function. As well as this universe. Being that everything is energy, when you break it down into even smaller pieces, the energy bringing all these pieces to life existing within this universe has many different layers to make it function the way it does." This means there are parts of existence (energy) that is more evolved than others. It may have been older and existed through the different layers longer.

So when you take away all that physically exists, the eternal energy that existed and continues to exist is basically the source. That source is what created or "evolved" into all that we exist in today. So can we call that God? Share with us your opinions/thoughts/ideas below.

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