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Why are we here? (Spiritually)

One of the greatest questions is why are we here? What brought us to this earth and why do we physically exist? Who are we and what is next?...

Let's start with what we see, smell, hear, taste, and touch. We see people, we see objects, we see plants and nature and everything on earth, we see the stars and space in the sky. But what really is it? What is within all that exists?

Everything is constantly in motion, the earth is constantly spinning, atoms and molecules within everything is constantly in motion in some way. Something is making it all move. If you break down every bit of matter, you come to the conclusion that everything is energy. Energy is not destructible or created, it is eternally evolving. Now let's think back as far as we can. If nothing physical existed then what would exist that evolved the physical universe? The only thing left is "time" or in other words the idea of existence moving forward and evolving. But what is time besides an idea that life is moving forward? If nothing physical existed, then does that mean that everything that existed before is eternal? So is time equal to energy?

If all this is the case, then that means the past, present, and future all exist at the same time. That would mean everything that exists now, has somehow already existed, and will exist. In a way that means that all possibilities are existent and we are currently living in one, from a sequence of events that led up to this moment. That does not mean we are here on coincidence, but the exact opposite as all possibilities exist the way it is suppose to from all events that are currently happening right now. So we are one possibility happening right now.

But if this is the case, then do we already have a destiny? What is free will?

Well if we are existing as one possibility and the past, present, and future all exist at the same time, then we basically do have a destiny.

Imagine if the possibility we are living in is like a wave in the ocean. The wave is destined to crash at shore at some point. But we are riding that wave just like we are living in this "possibility" of life. So if we align with the wave and ride it in the direction it is going, in other words flow with it and become one with it, then we will be destined to reach our destiny. But for example if we get distracted and see a cool fish swimming by and we decide to swerve a different way than the wave is going, then we will fall off, learn from our mistake, re-focus, get back on next wave, and continue riding toward the destination. So in other words, free will is really just the decision we have to align ourselves with the flow of the universe. But what is the Universe?...

Well explaining and understanding the universe would take a deeper dive. As humans we are complex, we are energy with many layers that allow us to function. As well as this universe. Being that everything is energy, when you break it down more, the energy that makes all these pieces to life existing within this universe, has many different layers to make it function the way it does. I will go deeper into this in another blog post. But being that free-will is the ability we have to make the decision to flow with the universe and it's destiny, or instead react to our egos and fight against the wave, it means we exist here to reach our Spiritual/full true potential.

Reaching our true potential is being united with the flow of the wave as we are suppose to. And when we are in alignment with our true self and potential, we are truly contributing our life to the world in the way we are suppose to so we can all evolve as one and as one wave, moving toward the destiny. We are evolving energy, and as unique humans we each are a piece of the puzzle or in other words a piece of the wave that we are riding. So if we reach our full potential to where we are aligned with the wave, we then become a part of the moving wave (life) in the way it is meant to, to reach the destiny.

Now what is the destiny? That is another deep topic that I will go into in another blog post. Bottom line, is that we are here because we have to be, to evolve in power and for all to exist. For now, remember that it is up to you to reach your true potential or in other words true higher self in order to align with the wave and reach the destiny we all aim toward, as quick as it is suppose to.


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