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Our mission is to ultimately help people find their passions and purpose after being fully developed physically and spiritually. When they are active with their passion and purpose, they make the best decisions out of peace and happiness and contributing to the world as they are supposed to, helping the world and others evolve.


Morning Session

Motivation * Awakening * Certainty   

Realize your true passions and potential through this invigorating yoga flow and awakening meditations designed for full self-realization, energy, inspiration and motivation.  

Afternoon Session

Strength * Balance * Focus   

Afternoon yoga/meditation session focuses on presence, balance, persistence, and strength consisting of a faster paced flow balanced out with relaxing stretches to maintain openness and ease.  The meditations will keep you aligned with your passions and goals.

Evening Session

Peace * Patience * Overcome Fear * Faith

Evening healing session consisting of a relaxing yoga flow to stretch out the body, relieve pain, and let go of stress.  The meditations are designed for peace, restoration, spiritual development, oneness, illumination, and contemplation.  After we’ll have the chance to talk and share ideas/thoughts.  

1 on 1 Sessions

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